Golf Balls Terminology

Before hitting golf balls on the course, one must understand the terms being used, less they want to really look like an amateur golfer. Having the right amount of basic knowledge equips one to learn more through experience.

Here are some golf terminologies which should be remembered by every golfer. And since golf terms are limitless, here are some words which are related to the game of golf.

Ace or Hole-in-One

GolfAn ace, also known as the elusive hole-in-one, is when the golfer is able to finish the hole using just one shot. All golfers, amateurs and professionals alike, dream of making a hole-in-one at least once in their lives.


This term is used to describe the ball that is the furthest distance away from the hole when there is more than one person playing. The person who is “away” gets to hit first in the next round.

Ball Marker

These are the things used to mark the position of golf balls before you pick it up so it does not get in the way of the other players.


A birdie happens when you finish one shot under par. For example, when playing on a par 4 hole, you will finish with a birdie if you sink the ball after 3 shots.


A bogey is the opposite of the birdie;it happens when you finish one stroke over par.

Bunkeror Sand Trap

This is the area of the course that is a pit full of sand; if your ball lands in here, you will have a hard time getting it out without taking a penalty.


The drive is the full force shot used to launch the ball from the tee; this is actually the first shot in the game.


This term is used to describe golf ballswhich”hooks” or turns to the right or the left while in flight.


This is a second shot given when the player gets a bad shot; it is basically a “re-do” of the previous shot.

Out of Bounds

This term describes the event when the ball is hit outside of the play area (designated by boundary markers). When a player goes out of bounds, he is given a 1-stroke penalty and allowed to try again.


The number of shots required to finisha hole. You will find the number of par for every hole is written in the score cards of the golf course.

Penalty Stroke

When a player is caught violating the rules he is given a penalty stroke; basically this means getting a +1 on the score card.


Pill is a nickname used by golfers for golf balls.

Pin High or Hole High

A pin high refers to the situation when the ball is even with the hole but off to one side.

Putt or Putt Shots

The putt is the stroke on the green with a putter.

Rim Out

This term is used when theballs run around the edge of the cup or the hole, but fails to fall in.


This is a shot which happens when the golf balls start off straight, but starts to swerve to the right in mid-flight.


A stroke is the act of hitting the ball. Whether one hits or misses a ball, it is still called a stroke.


This is a type of material some golf balls are made with.


This is a piece of wood or plastic used to prop the ball up off the ground at the beginning of each hole.


Trajectory is the flight path of the ball; simply put, it is the direction in which the ball flies.

Unplayable Lie

An unplayable lie is when a ball becomes impossible to hit; like when it gets caught up in the branches of a tree or when it sinks underwater.


A wiff happens your swing completely misses the ball, giving off a “wiff” sound.